DIY: DC Motor

Worksheet for Educators to be used in-class.

Materials Required:

No Material Qty Vendor
1 Insulated Copper Wire – Gauge 23 100 grams Mumbai: Lohar Chawl
2 Battery 1.5 V 1 Local Stationery
3 Safety Pins 2 Local Stationery
4 Neodymium Magnet (60 mm Dia) 1 Mumbai: Lamington Road
5 Sandpaper 1 Mumbai: Lamington Road/ Paint Shop
5 Tape 1 Local Stationery
6 Scissors 1 Local Stationery

Steps to make:

Step 1: Take about 1.5 meters of copper wire and make a coil.

Step 2: Attach two safety pins to the side of the battery.

Step 3: Pass the copper coil through the ends of the safety pins.

Step 4: Place a neodymium magnet below the copper coil on the battery.

Step 5: When the current passes through the copper coil, the coil should start turning.

Concepts Explored:

  1. Electromagnetic Induction

Reasons why the DC Motor may not work:

  1. Check if the ends of the copper wire have the insulation properly scraped off.

Further External Resources:

  1. Video – Arvind Gupta – How to make a DC Motor
  2. Video – DIY Simple Electric Motor

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