DIY: Solar Fan

Worksheet for Educators to be used in-class.

Materials Required:

No Material Qty Vendor
1 PVC Pipe (for stand) 1 Local hardware store
2 Solar Panel (6V; 100 mA)  1 Mumbai: Lamington Road
India: Third Wave Scientific Products Pvt. Ltd.
3 Motor 1 Local Stationery
4 Plastic bottle and cap 1 Scrap
5 Tape 1 Local Stationery
6 Scissors 1 Local Stationery
7 Either a Solar Lamp (200 W Bulb) or Natural Sunlight 1 Local Stationery

Steps to make:

  1. Make a base out of cardboard.
  2. Glue a PVC pipe to the cardboard base.
  3. Cut out a fan from plastic bottle scrap.
  4. Connect the fan to the motor.
  5. Glue the motor to the PVC pipe.
  6. Connect the motor wires to the wires of the solar panel through the hollow of the PVC pipe.
  7. Test it. When sunlight falls on the solar panel, the fan starts to work.

Working Principal:

A solar panel converts solar energy into electrical energy. When sunlight falls on the solar panel, the electrical energy is given to the motor which starts turning. Since the fan is connected to the motor, the fan also starts turning.

Concepts Explored:

  1. Solar Energy
  2. DC Motor

Reasons why the Solar Fan may not work:

  1. Check if the wire connections of the solar panel and the motor are proper.
  2. Check if the motor is working with help of a battery.
  3. Replace solar panel and check.

Further External Resources:

  1. Video – How to make a Solar Powered Fan

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