Electric Car

The Electric Car made should be able to move forward, left and right.

Materials Required:

No Material Qty Vendor
1 Chassis 1  Mumbai: Lamington Road
2 Screws for the chassis 2  Hardware Shop
3 Wheels – Big 2  Mumbai: Lamington Road
4 Castor wheel 1  Mumbai: Lamington Road
5 Battery 9 V  2  Local Stationery
6 Gear Motor 2  Mumbai: Lamington Road
7 Rocker Switch (either single strand or multi strand) 2  Mumbai: Lamington Road
8 Long wires (either single strand or multi strand) 1  Mumbai: Lamington Road
9 Tape 1  Local Stationery
10 Scissors 1  Local Stationery

Steps to Make the Electric Car:

Step 1: Design the electric car on paper.

Step 2: Making the Chassis for Car:

Attach motors to the chassis with the help of screws and attach wheels to both the motors.

Step 3: Check for the direction of rotation of motor:

1. Motor has two output connecting points, let’s call them point A and point B for simplicity.
2. Battery has two output terminal, Positive (Red wire) and Negative (Black wire).
3. Connect Red wire to point A of the motor and Black to B. Observe the direction of rotation of motor. Make sure the motor is rotating in the forward direction (clockwise).
4. If it’s not rotating in the desired direction, you can change the direction of rotation simply connecting Red wire to point B and Black to point A. Do not remove the connection between battery and the motor.
5. Take one more battery and repeat this for the second motor as well. Make sure both the motors are rotating in the same direction.
6. Now take two switches and connect between each battery and motor. This will ensure that the motors will get the supply only when the switches are turned on.
7. Connect an additional wire to short the two black wires of the battery.

Step 4: Front of the car:

It is important to balance the Car so that it moves in the desired direction with minimum friction. A castor wheel can be attached to the front of the car for this purpose using a double sided tape or screws.

Step 5: Connect the battery to the battery caps and test:

1. If either switch if turned on then the car moves either right or left depending on which wheel is moving and which one is stationary.
2. When both switches are turned on, the car moves in the forward direction.

Reasons why the Electric Car may not work:

  1. The motors may not be working. Please test.
  2. The batteries may not be working. Please test.
  3. Recheck the wiring.
  4. There should not be any friction between the wheels and the chassis.
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