DIY: Periscope

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Periscope is optical instrument used to observe objects which are not in direct line of sight from observer’s current position. In simplest form it consist of two plane mirror placed at 45° angle and an outer covering. Prism and lenses can be used to make a complex periscope and achieve required magnification.

Working Principle:

Periscope works on the Law of Reflection and the fact that light travel in a straight line. It uses two mirror, each at 45° angle, to bounce light from one point to another. Light from the object fall on the Mirror 1 which reflects it to Mirror 2 further reflecting it to observer.

Below is the design of simple periscope.

Image Credit: Science Club

List of material required to build your own Periscope:

No Material Qty Vendor
1 Cardboard  1  Scrap
2 Plane Mirror 2  
3 Clear tape 1  Local Stationery
4 Glue 1  Local Stationery
5 Scissors 1  Local Stationery
6 Scale 1  Local Stationery
7 Pencil 1  Local Stationery
8 Scale to measure 45 degree angle- protector 1  Local Stationery

Link to build your own Periscope:


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