The Artists of Mamnovli

This article brings you one more expedition by the students of Mamnovli Zilla Parishad School. They painted an entire makerspace!


From applying primer/putty on the wall to getting their clothes dirty, from  sketching the paintings to coloring them beautifully, the students have done it all with a strong will and efficiency. The 25 students at the makerspace segregated themselves into groups of 5 and each group was performing a different task which made them highly efficient by distributing the work.

The kids were told to make anything they like, so everyone selected their part of the room and started sketching up drawings.


Butterflies, Minnie mouse, burettes, thermometers, magnets and many more ideas were sketched and were colored beautifully. Everyone wrote their names besides their respective masterpiece.


At the end of the day, they learned something new, had a new experience and most importantly had fun.

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