Water Balloon Drop Challenge

In this challenge, students have to brainstorm and come up with innovative ideas to drop a water balloon from a height without breaking it. The challenge can get as simple or complex depending on the available materials, time available and the age group of the students.

Worksheet for Educators to be used in-class.

Materials Required:

No Material Qty Vendor
1 Newspapers As needed Scrap
2 Cardboard As needed Scrap
3 Water Balloons  As needed Local Stationery
4 Air Balloons  As needed Local Stationery
5 Plastic Bottles  As needed Scrap
6 Garbage Bags  As needed Local Stationery
7 Threads/ Rope As needed Local Stationery
8 Foam As needed Local Stationery
9 Rubber Bands As needed Local Stationery
10 Straws As needed Local Stationery
11 Cotton As needed Local Stationery
12 Plastic Spoons/ Icecream Sticks  As needed Local Stationery
13 Tape/ Glue Local Stationery
14 Scissors Local Stationery

Steps to make:

  1. Brainstorm for ideas to make a container/ protective casing/ parachute for the water balloon.
  2. Place the water balloon in the container/ idea.
  3. Drop it from a height (make sure an adult is with you).
  4. If the water balloon breaks, tweak the existing idea or start over again with a new one.

Concepts Explored:

  1. Friction
  2. Potential & Kinetic Energy

Further External Resources:

  1. Some ideas for the challenge – Mark Rober
  2. Egg Drop Challenge – Buggy and Buddy
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