Curriculum & Training Manager:

The Curriculum & Training Manager is responsible for the design, development, and implementation of training programs and curricula at USF.


  1. Curriculum
    • STEM Curriculum development and improvement (To understand our STEM curriculum – check out our YouTube channel)
    • Preparing or developing material for the implementation of the curriculum.
    • Implementing newly developed or updated curricula to ensure the desired outcomes could be obtained.
  2. Training
    • Conducting and supporting fellow training sessions (fellows are local youth who implement the program at USF).
    • Identifying the knowledge or training gap and taking appropriate measures to ensure the success of the training and overall program.
    • Providing appropriate training that is tailored to the individual trainee’s requirement.
    • Evaluating the effectiveness of existing training programs and making improvements based on feedback.
    • Ensuring the documents are created and updated timely as required for the impactful implementation of the training.
  3. Assessment
    • Ensuring the assessments are conducted regularly.
    • Improving and upgrading the assessing practice according to the need of the organization.
    • Training and supporting team for assessments.
    • Generating assessment reports.
  4. Planning, Execution & Continuous Improvement
    • Preparing training, curriculum and assessments plans and budgets.
    • Regularly visiting classroom sessions conducted by fellows for observation and making changes in training, curriculum or assessment depending on observations.


  • Instructional design: The ability to design and develop effective curriculum, training materials, and assessments.
  • Training delivery: The ability to facilitate training sessions in-person or virtually.
  • Communication: Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to explain complex concepts clearly and concisely.
  • Assessment and evaluation: The ability to assess the effectiveness of training programs, collect feedback, and use data to make improvements.
  • Leadership: The ability to lead a team of trainers and support staff, providing guidance and direction to ensure the success of training programs.


  • A relevant experience in the development/ STEM education space of at least 2 years is preferred with an overall work experience of 3+ years.
  • An understanding of how children from rural areas learn is preferable.
  • There is no requirement for educational qualifications.


  • Joining: April/ May 2023
  • Type: Full time based out of the field office
  • Work hours: Monday - Saturday, 9 am - 5 pm (Alternate Saturdays off)
  • Salary: 6 - 10 Lakhs per year (based on relevant experience)
  • Field Office Location - Vaholi village, About 40 minutes from Kalyan station, Thane, MH
  • Google map link:

About USF:

Universe Simplified Foundation (USF) is a Mumbai based non-profit working to make inquiry-driven, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education accessible to all. For more information, you may watch a short video here:

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